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Nothing is more empowering than determining your own Reproductive Life Journey 

— Ashlesha Patel, MD, MPH, MsHQS

     Founder & CEO of AP Designs

How RepLI can help
Set your goal. See your goal. Achieve your goal.
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Why Use RepLI
We're here to make family planning easy for you!

92% of users said RepLI was helpful for tracking reproductive goals

Real People, Real Stories.

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Unique Journeys, Unique Paths.

A Tool For All 

Make your journey uniquely yours with RepLI. 

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Your reproductive life journey is all about choices. We need to reframe reproductive healthcare so women see it as an accessible and empowering choice, not happenstance.

Ashlesha Patel, MD, MPH, MsHQPS

How it works


Create Your Plan

Make a profile, answer a few questions about yourself, and save your responses for future app use.


Check In

Check your profile regularly to make sure you are staying on track and to read your messages.


Make your Reproductive Life Happen For You!

Use your plan to help make medical decisions related to your reproductive health.

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